Monday, September 1, 2008

New Featured Item!

Upon seeing this PicFetti at Heather and Andrew's Rehearsal Dinner, this is Jody Cooper Photography's Newest Feature Item! It was really neat to see my work not only in their house, but "done" on something! They used it to decorate the tables, the candles, you name it! These particular images are from their Engagement Session, but I will be able to offer this particular item to anyone I photograph! If you want to do Christmas Images with me, we can use those... Baby shower (maternity session) Birthday, Seniors so on and so forth. The only condition is I would need to photograph the "session" per say about 3-4 weeks ahead of the event. Giving me time to edit, order, ship and get to you! I am including this offer in my Engagement Session Collection, Senior Collection, Baby Collection, and Christmas Collections but can be special ordered!

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