Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Signature Wedding Poses! {Santa Fe, New Mexico Wedding Photographer}

My Signature Couple Pose!

My Signature Bridal Pose!
I have been asked quite a few times about and hired to take certain poses! These are the "top" two per say! I began these two poses with the help of Amanda, who saw something on my site and said "Can you do that with us, even thou we have no kids!" :) (flag pose with little boy and little girl under Promises tab)

We tried the poses, and Loved the outcome! They are now what I call my signature pose!
But not all my couples are shaped the same way, or can lay certain ways, so I looked up the definition of signature pose, and found out that It's ok, in fact encouraged to do it a tad bit different each time! This allows you, my couples, to do it how you wish!

Therefore I wanted to show you a preview of all the ways we can do these two poses! I love them! Then I am biased to my own work and clientele! Enjoy~ Let me also take a minute to say Thank You all for allowing me to make you lay on the ground, carpet or grass, on such a special day... If it's any conciliation the outcome is beautiful! :)


ericwa said...
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curtis03 Lewis said...

Superb share about the Signature Wedding Poses. I had great time watching these photos. Well, we are also trying our best to plan our wedding in best way possible. We will be having a Bohemian themed ceremony at a local event venue so if you have any ideas for decorations, please let me know.