Thursday, September 11, 2008

Paying Tribute on 9-11

Kevin and I like many of you will never forget where we were 7 years ago, or what we were doing! I think all our lives were affected in one way or another....
For me we were so affected because Kevin is a Security Forces Cop. He said to me that morning, "Jode, I don't know when I'll be home tonight" (we were stationed at FE Warren) I remember being like Oh please... Do you know I did not see my husband for a week and half after that morning, and for the next 3 years He was gone more than he ever was in his whole career!
So while I do not downplay anyone elses jobs in the military, it opened my eyes as to why what Kevin does makes me so proud of him!

Taken at ground zero in December of 2007

Taken in New York, It reads World Trade Center. This was taken right next to ground zero, I took it from the opposite direction as to see all the lights and beauty on the other side.

Honoring so many men and women in the military who do what they do....

These images were taken at a Security Forces Cops' Memorial service...

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