Sunday, August 31, 2008

Heather And Andrew's Big Day! {New Mexico Wedding Photographer}

Heather found me quite some time ago, and said "I want you!" We struck up a deal and ... here we are today! I really wanted to photograph this wedding, there a couple of things I have fallen in love with here in New Mexico (the tourist in me can't help it) with her getting married at the Sandia Mountains, I knew they would be great images! What I didn't expect was for the ceremony to be so wonderful! Heather and Andrew have wonderful personalities, and great taste in decor! Their families were all very kind, and even let me joke around with them for a couple of days! I love the way Heather and Andrew are with one another! Andrew was alittle shy at their engagement session, but that was gone at the wedding! Heather is quite the risk taker, she doesn't mind the do not enter signs, she goes around them nicely! :) They have such affection for one another that trust me when I tell you this is a tiny sneak peek, I am not kidding! Make sure to visit my website for a couple more images!

Heather, Andrew and all your family and friends!
Thank you for much for allowing me to take part in this Awesome day! Thank You for being so kind, and allowing me to inconvenience you to get great shots! Hattie: I will pay for my own ticket to photograph your wedding one day! :) Allen, you were a great sport! I love your eye for art. Heather, I love your camera! and Andrew, Thank you for letting me dream for a minute that it was mine :) So I could set it up for Heather! You guys were both great! Jody

Thursday, August 21, 2008

*New* Jody Cooper Photography Office

About a year ago, with the help of my clients, I began the transformation of Jody Cooper Photography Office in my home. After having a few clients in my home, to view and order prints, they had expressed to me that it was very nice to come and see my work, see examples of items you can purchase, View their sessions on my screen made for photography purposes, and see my gifts or thank you items from other clients... thus began the transformation into my home. I love having each of you visit my home and welcome any of you at any time... with an appointment that is! :) Keep in mind I do have Triplets that think you are there to see them! All in all this has become a great change for my business! Feel free to stop by!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Allison's FairyTale Ending...

Meet Allison and R.J. my couple from Saturday's Wedding! At our consultation, Allison expressed to me all the different reasons she hired me, and would be honored for me to photograph her wedding! She really wanted "Fairy Tale endings, and to be able to get tons of images outside!" Well we woke to rain on her special morning, but low and behold, the ceremony was nothing short of a Fairy Tale, and the images reflect that. I asked R.J.'s permission to post that, he was very emotional... It was the sweetest thing to see him tear up as he watched Landon, and then Allison walk down the aisle. They are the cutest family and very sincere in their love for one another. Their attendants had the best personalities, and were so cooperative in this hot weather!
Now, I have to comment on Landon, the most handsome "ring beerier" I have ever worked with thus far, he also happens to be the Bride and Grooms' 3 year old son! I had the opportunity to meet with Landon twice prior to the wedding, and he was adorable every time! I love the images I was able to capture of him alone and with his parents!
To Allison, R.J. and Landon, Thank You for allowing me to take part in such a special day and moment in your lives! I can not wait to show you all the images! Enjoy your sneak peek ~

Priceless..... Make sure to check my website for more Images from this Wedding!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Waiting On Peyton...

Meet Denise.... My Winner for the Mother's Day Contest. I think we have both been waiting for this session. That being said, it was well worth the wait! She was truly glowing, not one stretch mark, and so beautiful! She was great in front of the camera, and even left me speechless telling me that she loves my work :) She choose to do the black satin fabric that was very stunning for her husband Fred who is currently deployed allowing us to do a few intimate shots as well, but I need to check with her as to what I am allowed to post! To view comments left on this session, please visit my Clients Thoughts Blog to your right!
Thank You Denise for sharing such a special time in your life, I can't wait to meet Peyton (what a great name by the way) at her newborn session!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wedding Accents...{New Mexico Wedding Photographer}

While proofing for a "friends and family" gallery this weekend, I ran across some shots I thought I would share... I love Weddings and the Accents that go along with them...