Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas...

September 1 until December 31 *Early Bird Specials: August 1-31 get 25 FREE cards!
*I do have Hanukkah and New Years Cards as well. I can design them to your needs!

*This was my family's card 2 years ago... We have a nick name, and that is how we signed it to be different!

Believe it or not, here we are again... preparing Christmas cards! I have found a few new designs, so wanted to begin showing them now, as to prepare for my Christmas Card Madness Sale!~ This year I was able to cut the cost abit, which is great for you my Awesome Clients!
Cards come in packs of 25, and include envelopes. All printed on Professional Paper! Design to your personal needs! I can come up with the sayings, or use one you like! :)

Prices: 25-50 Cards $29.75 per 25 card set
51-100 cards are $25.75 per 25 card set
75+ cards gets a FREE wallet in EACH card!

*Available in Horizontal as well

*These particular Designs cost $5.00 more a set. But are Both so worth the price!

Available in Vertical as well.

These are just a preview, there will be more to come as I work on them! :)
*title taken from another photographers blog :) I thought it was so cute!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Hope You Dance...

I love, love, love this image!! I took about 20 shots in a sequence, to make sure I got both girls doing the same exact thing, same time and their skirts moving together! They were so gorgeous!

Sonya and Dave {Santa Fe Wedding Photographer}

Meet Sonya and Dave... my Awesome couple from yesterday's wedding! I truly loved their color scheme, and the chapel...... very stunning, Never mind the bride and groom themselves! Sonya and Dave were the ideal couple... very candid, very intimate and were able to be themselves even with me following them around all day! Thank You so much for allowing me to take part in the biggest day of your lives! To view more images, please visit my website under the I Do tab....

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Brides... As Cinderella....

I have been waiting for the time to blog this, and this mornings' conversation hit the spot! You see all my girls think when I am photographing a Wedding, I am photographing "Cinderella"... That is a high standard to live up to Ladies... :)

"Mama, do you have to work today?"
"Yes, I do, but I will come home as soon as I am done K"
"Is today Cinderella (brides) or a Baby?"
"Today is Cinderella.... she is wearing a Red Dress!"
"ohhhh mama, I want a Red dress... that is pretty!"
My daughter Payton is whom this conversation was with! I love how the mind of a child works! The girls came up with my brides as Cinderella along time ago... and for some reason think the only other people I photograph are babies!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thunderstorms and Rainbows!

For weeks I have been trying to get these shots! In fact my boys make fun of me and tell me when I get struck by lighting they'll let everyone know why I died... for photographs! :) I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed capturing them!

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Friday, July 11, 2008

One of My Triplet Girls

Most of my clients know, but just in case...
I have Identical Triplets... Which is the background to this story. :)
I love this shot of my daughter! Taken on the 4th of July at our little local parade here in town. I was sitting on the ground, looked up and thought oh what a great shot of her that would be!
The problem? I normally do their hair up so I can see their earrings, or they wear different hair barrets so in portraits, I can tell them apart. This particular morning however, I was running late, and just put red bows in all 3 girls hair! The Outcome? I have no idea who this is! I think it's Aspen, but my boys think it's Payton. All 3 girls think it is of each one of them.
Oh well, I am thinking of just running it off, and putting it in all 3 girls books... Is that being a bad mom?? :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Richard Family...

I realize I am completely biased to my own clientele, but seriously, that is because look how cute they all are! This entire family was adorable! They did a great job, and did exactly as I asked! I loved their shots, and can't wait for them to see all the images taken! *I of course had to use some of this fabulous session on my site, so have a peek!

So this of course was not "the best family photo" there are great shots of the 4 of them, but I had to use this one! I think it's adorable! Look how loving and attentive both mom and dad are to Big A. as this poor guy was Done! These two did the best job! They didn't even get really grouchy at all till the very end! Thanks to you all for a great session!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July... from my family to yours!
Jody, Kevin, Dave, Broc, Heath, Aspen, Payton and Trinity Cooper

I hope this finds all my clients, friends and family enjoying this holiday with your loved ones! I try not to post too many personal images on here, as that is not what it was intended for :) However, hopefully every once in awhile it is ok, so you know other aspects of me than just photographer :) I thought I would share this collage we posted on our family blog, over here as well! Mind you these were not taken for professional use, just for fun! I hope you enjoy them at any rate. Have a great Holiday Weekend.... It will be back to Session posting tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blog Questions....

Click on grid to enlarge

Recently I have been asked by quite a few of my clients, can you post the Images taken by me on your blog? Absolutely!! The only thing I ask of you, is that somewhere on your blog with the photo, to please note that it was taken by Jody Cooper Photography, and is a copyright! Other than that, have fun... post the images I take! I love that my clients like my work enough to post them!
Here is an example from a client who posted their family photo on their blog.

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Fairytale Endings...

A business associate and friend of mine, Shelia, makes these great signs with all kinds of sayings on them... I am forever "shopping" or browsing at her store (Simple Impressions to the right) Anyhow my last couple of girly shoots have made me think as girls/women we love Fairy Tales, we love Shoes, we love all that stuff, and therefore the inspiration to these images!

"All A Girl Needs.... Is The Right Pair Of Shoes" ~Enjoy~

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dawn and Scott...{New Mexico Wedding Photographer}

Have I ever noted that I have the Best Clients! This adorable couple was awesome, but also looked so amazing! The ceremony was top notch, and the reception a blast. To view more images from their ceremony please visit my website under I Do tab...Dawn and Scott: Thank You for allowing me to take part in one of the best days of your lives! You guys were great, and I can't wait to show you All the images!