Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas...

September 1 until December 31 *Early Bird Specials: August 1-31 get 25 FREE cards!
*I do have Hanukkah and New Years Cards as well. I can design them to your needs!

*This was my family's card 2 years ago... We have a nick name, and that is how we signed it to be different!

Believe it or not, here we are again... preparing Christmas cards! I have found a few new designs, so wanted to begin showing them now, as to prepare for my Christmas Card Madness Sale!~ This year I was able to cut the cost abit, which is great for you my Awesome Clients!
Cards come in packs of 25, and include envelopes. All printed on Professional Paper! Design to your personal needs! I can come up with the sayings, or use one you like! :)

Prices: 25-50 Cards $29.75 per 25 card set
51-100 cards are $25.75 per 25 card set
75+ cards gets a FREE wallet in EACH card!

*Available in Horizontal as well

*These particular Designs cost $5.00 more a set. But are Both so worth the price!

Available in Vertical as well.

These are just a preview, there will be more to come as I work on them! :)
*title taken from another photographers blog :) I thought it was so cute!

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