Friday, July 11, 2008

One of My Triplet Girls

Most of my clients know, but just in case...
I have Identical Triplets... Which is the background to this story. :)
I love this shot of my daughter! Taken on the 4th of July at our little local parade here in town. I was sitting on the ground, looked up and thought oh what a great shot of her that would be!
The problem? I normally do their hair up so I can see their earrings, or they wear different hair barrets so in portraits, I can tell them apart. This particular morning however, I was running late, and just put red bows in all 3 girls hair! The Outcome? I have no idea who this is! I think it's Aspen, but my boys think it's Payton. All 3 girls think it is of each one of them.
Oh well, I am thinking of just running it off, and putting it in all 3 girls books... Is that being a bad mom?? :)

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