Tuesday, October 21, 2008

James and Lori's Big Day...

Meet James and Lori, my couple from Saturday's wedding in the rose garden! What they didn't realize is that I had no idea the rose garden is around the library! What an awesome surprise! The ceremony was quite wonderful, the guests were very nice and fun to be around for the day, and Pelican's where the reception was held served great food! My bride is camera shy, so I opted to give them a preview of other areas as well as a couple of them! James and Lori thank you for allowing me to take part in your day! As always, it was my honor to be there and be such a valuable part to your wedding! Your family and friends were amazing and really kind to me, so thank you for that... it is very appreciated! :)

I knew if we were just outside the library, we had to go get some images in there! They all had a great time in here taking photos, laying on the ground, and being watched by all the patrons who were in the library. There were some great shots in there!

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