Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You know when I say...

..."relax, I understand"...I really do! I have Six kids of my own. My bribery rarely works. For me, it's called Photographer's Child Syndrome and we discuss it and support each other on the online community of photographers that I belong to-HA!
Everyone thinks I take pictures of my kids all the time. Wrong...for 2 main reasons...first,...I'm just too busy, and second, they won't let me!

So when I say that if you stay in the background or let us go off on our own that the kids will cooperate, it's true because I'm not THEIR mom. No kids want to listen to their mom, but they will cooperate for another adult!Anyway-I have a 30x40 canvas print that I'm dying to order for my house. This really wasn't what I had in mind. So much for this being the Christmas card I was sending to all of you this year!!
*parts of this posting were from a fellow photographers blog! Thank You!

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